Broad Support for Food & Farmland Resolution

Click on image to download Resolution.

Click on image to download Resolution.

The Santa Clara County Food System Alliance is pleased to host the Santa Clara County Food & Farmland Resolution.  The Resolution shows the broad support in the county for meeting our current and future food and farmland needs.

The Resolution is based on the policies contained in the County's Health Element and the findings in our Food System Assessment (released in 2013).  By highlighting these policies and findings, the endorsers of this Resolution hope that more resources and productive efforts will be brought to bear to meet our food and farmland challenges ahead, many of which are put forth in this document.

If your organization is interested in adding its name to the list of endorsers, please contact us at


Healthy Lands & Healthy Economies

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The Healthy Lands & Healthy Economies Initiative – Nature’s Value in Santa Clara County is the first-ever regional economic valuation of open space lands. The value of the County’s benefits from nature (clean air, water supply and quality, reduced fire and flood risk, wildlife habitat, pollination, healthy food and recreation) ranges from $1.6 to $3.9 billion annually. For more information visit the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority website.

Santa Clara County Food System Assessment

December 2013 - Santa Clara County Food System Alliance publishes Santa Clara County Food System Assessment

The Alliance produced the Assessment to be a practical tool that will serve as a foundation for positive change in Santa Clara County’s food system. To that end, the Assessment functions as a tool to educate and engage food system stakeholders and the public at large, as well as a basis for planning the Alliance’s future actions.

The Alliance analyzed key baseline data regarding the Santa Clara County’s food system and developed recommendations aimed at building a more just, vibrant, and durable food system. The Summary Document highlights a number of important sections from the report, including the reports key findings and recommendations.

The production of this publication was coordinated by Ag Innovations Network, a a non-profit organization dedicated to helping stakeholders solve problems in the food system through effective collaboration.